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Guest UK Debt Slave

Most Hyterical Twaddle From Mary Riddell

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Guest UK Debt Slave

This is so unbelievable, it could have been written by a satirist

I can't actually believe the Telegraph published it, but here you go anyway!


Labour has for too long failed to heal the rifts in our society

Great start Mary. As obvious as the salami sized dildo that someone has rammed up your tw@t

Mary Riddell says the party should stop squabbling and look to its roots if it wants to win the next election

Eh By gum lad! Op t' workers

Panic over. With Lord Mandelson back at his desk, the country is no longer being run by BlackBerry from a billionaires' playground in Corfu. The fuss over the deferred arrival of Gordon Brown's latest holiday stand-in could hardly have been greater if Britain had been temporarily designated a Greek protectorate.

Courtesy of the Rothschild scum

This bogus furore (Mr Brown is still, after all, in charge) is linked to speculation over whether Lord Mandelson is manoevring to become Labour leader. Even if he were, the electoral gymnastics required to propel him from the Lords into a safe seat would defeat a human cannonball, let alone a super-minister who may prefer to have the privileges of power without the pain.

Ah hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahaha!

Lord Mandelson's agenda, for this week at least, includes trying to save jobs at Vauxhall, reportedly defending City interests against EU legislation, and promoting car scrappage. He is also expected to pile pressure on top universities to favour poorer applicants with lower grades.

A tad more social engineering wont do any more damage will it Mary? You ar$e

This formula of business-friendly policies coupled with a drive for increased social mobility is so familiar that you wonder if Lord Mandelson's beach reading included an Ambre Solaire-stained copy of his 1996 manifesto, The Blair Revolution. Despite its antiquity, New Labour's book of genesis retains its freshness.

One wonders where to projectile vomit first!

That leaves Mr Brown's enhanced prescription. Following a short break in the Lake District, he is hoping to do some work with disadvantaged young people in his home town of Kirkcaldy. In many ways, his strategy is the most arcane. The last prime minister noted for voluntary work was Gladstone, who might have qualified for a Harriet Harman scholarship by patrolling the streets for prostitutes and offering them shelter or escape.

Jaysus! Can you imagine that?????????????? ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Teenage suicides set to quadrouple in Kircaldy. The mind boggles!

Dame Anne Owers, the chief prisons inspector, has just released a little-noticed report on the jail, offering a searing commentary on how a Labour government serves some of its most vulnerable teenagers. She found hungry, unwashed, frightened boys hiding in over-crowded cells they dare not leave. Bullying was rife, staff used more force than in any other youth jail, and conditions were "seriously" unsafe.

Not to mention the fact that many of them have probably been ar$e raped by members of the British establisment with a little assistance from their mason friends.

This frozen landscape is not the only snapshot of Labour's years in power. Schools have improved, universities have expanded, and a patchwork of initiatives, ranging from SureStart to volunteering schemes and apprenticeships, offer a way out of poverty and recession. But progress has stalled in too many areas, and fairness and equality, the mantras of social democracy, have not prevailed against the civic chasm dividing Corfu and Cookham Wood.

Schools have improved eh?

Hmmm! Yes! Lots more OBEDIENT SLAVES who believe in Nulabour's fairy tales.

The mantras of social democracy? FEKKN VOMITMUNGUS

Narrowing that gap is the enduring challenge for Mr Brown and for anyone who might seek to succeed him. As Lord Mandelson wrote in The Blair Revolution: "These new times offer new challenges. It is no good attempting to turn the clock back. We need to think anew." Thirteen years have passed, an election looms, and the clock is ticking.

The Blair revolution?

Wass that then Mary?

How to turn a resonably free, democratic nation into a debt enslaved boot camp, a soft totalitarian state where everyone from the government, the council, the police is spying on your every move.

What an utterly repellant article. I can't believe the Telegraph pays the slag money to write such repellant tosh. I'm fekkn outraged.

Edited by UK Debt Slave

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The reason I am going to vote Conservative at the next election is because it is the nearest I will ever get to Sh*tting in Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's handbag.

Oh and because I don't want to be ass-raped by Peter Mandelson.


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