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A few things that someone may find vaguely interesting ...... or, more likely, infuriatingly dull.

I have just returned to the UK from Australia. I have managed to secure employment.

The first thing I was taken aback by was the fact that the recruitment agency were visibly dumbfounded that I got a job offer so quickly. They told me initially not to become too concerned if I hadn't found anything for six months - SIX MONTHS? I almost cried upon receiving the advice (by 'almost' I mean 'actually'). Obviously I got lucky.

Secondly, I have been under the pitiful misapprehension that it was a very good salary - until I started crunching the living expenses numbers. I'll be a long way from struggling to survive, but when I factored in all the ludicrous costs of having the audacity to exist (food, utilities, clothing, dry cleaning, phones, internet, insurance, air, electing to use my full compliment of senses) the outrageous consumerism I was planning on participating in disappeared as tragically as all my adolescent hopes, dreams and great expectations.

Thirdly, I was planning on buying a house. For some MENTAL reason. I've lurked and occasionally added trivial, ill educated nonsense on this forum for a while and am definitely aligned with the general HPC theory - but, honestly, have never been particularly driven by how much money I might lose or make I just wanted a place I could live in and do with as I pleased. So thought -

ahhh feck it I'll buy. It sounds like it might be getting better!

UNTIL I started looking at what you can actually get for your money. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON? Seriously? I can only assume that the flu jab I have refused to accept year after year is actually powerful hallucinogenic, mind controlling, reptilian j1zz. Surely, nobody that has actually looked at the price of the truly ghastly abominations of architecture that I can afford can fail to entirely believe that we are nothing other than unthinking bees, desperately buzzing around for pollen confiscated along with our souls by the unseen, engorged, all powerful entity that controls our hive, all the while thinking we are somehow benefiting?

What the hell am I talking about?

I'm going to continue to rent purely because I'm happy to temporarily live in a s1t3hole but would never actually buy one at twice the monthly cost.

Seriously what in the name of all that is holy am I ranting about?

Edit: made slightly less sense than it does now

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Genuine question - if you made it to Oz, why oh why in the name of all that would be holy if I was a religious man did you come back?!?

I work with several Australian contractors. Their reasons were two fold - one - the money over here for IT contacts at the time was significantly better than back in Oz - significantly more than the increased cost of living. The other was the fact that they were fed up of having to travel so far for everything and all the traffic. Oh, the more geeky ones (like me) didn't like Ozzie censorship when it came to games, but that's no reason for moving.

Since the first reason has pretty much vanished (£400/day is quite good these days in many places) and item two sounded like they were trying to make it sound like there was more to it than the money so probably false - why would anyone come over here?

If I could meet the Australian points system and secure some form of job I'd be gone in an instant.

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I worked in Aus for 9 months and all the Aus folks were bemoaning to me about how their lifestyles were so much harder to eke out in their 'high tax' regime. 'Surely the grass in the UK is greener' was something I heard all too often.


What a crock!

... is all I can say.

So ignoring things like: nanny state; ridiculous constant interrogation; stupidity and profound idiocy in leadership; ... there's two primary issues (IMHO):

i) tax rates here (stealth taxes and poll/council taxes/etc hit very very hard over here)

ii) the profound continuation of the 'them and us' and how, oddly that is entrenched by the 'money for nothing' mentality (Inside Track/gross BTLer etc etc etc)

And then there's the cost of basic goods and services (like food and water) ... *sigh*

I love this country (England) and enjoy so many non-financial benefits (proximity to Europe, Arts location (Covent Garden)) and some things even more profound than that ... most of them aren't other folk's cup of tea ... most unrelated to financial stuff ... but if it weren't for those then I would have a Melbourne address any day! I am sooooo *not here* for the money.


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Hmmm....Almost coherent post for after 11pm on a Friday night from a man on a mission to rant!!!!! ;)

Welcome back....Interesting to get a perspective of modern UK living from someone who has been away a while. Where have you been, where have you come back to (I assume London) but would like to know. What sort of job and ball park salary? London must suck these days on under £45k if you are single....

Not pure sticky beaking.....genuinely interested in getting your fresh perspective!

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