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How Badly Is The Uk Being Affected By The Credit Crunch ?

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On HPC I keep reading about how the UK is being affected worse than any other G20 nation by the credit crunch. Then I read that other countries (Germany), are much worse off. Who is right ? Is it just our own tendency to believe that we are being screwed worse than anyone else and Eurosceptic paranoia ? Evidence, charts etc welcome.

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Guest KingCharles1st

Just got a takeaway from the chinese (felt like treating myself) - the guy says,, "we not going to make any money this year"

And then went on to tell me about how the queue was out the shop the whole time last year- this year it only gets to the door on the last weekend of the month- if he is lucky...

That shop was always packed- now it's a ghost of it's former self.

It ain't rocket science- this government is now hated with a venom

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dependant on how long the govt can get away with QE.

i think the real crunch time will be around year from now - no more printy and payback time.

others think that the investors will just take their wealth being turned into boxes of paper - i doubt it.

it's either a whole transition from west>east or all out armageddon, and i think the latter as the former won't go down well.

i must admit though that i used a 50cm piece of tim foil the other day.

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