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Cooperative Sustainable Diversified Trust

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Hi there,

Rare for me to ask advice but another year and I can't see myself buying (personal & current market reality), so am looking to seeing what else to do with some of my deposit currently in savings.

Have arranged to meet with the Co-operative about their Sustainable Diversified Trust this week. Wondered if anyone had signed up already in the month since it launched or had any views?


The point made in the piece above about why dilute "investment in equities with other assets within the fund"? makes sense, though I can only manage to keep in mind a few things at once and the idea of having one fund is personally attractive.

OK I know I'm naive to be thinking ethical but aside from that are they any things to be wary of with this fund?


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I'm in exactly the same position. That co-operative fund has a 5% initial charge. 3% if you invest more than 10,000, yes, but still that wipes out probably half the interest you accrued over the last 12 months in your savings bond. Something to think about.

It says in the article that 'a lot of its performance success can be attributed to a 15% rise in the last three months.' Hmmm, which basically means to me that you might as well have invested in a tracker fund and you would have made more money cause of lower charges.

I notice the fund manager mentioned in the article - mike fox - is different from the one on the co-op website - linda deforges. Not sure what to make of that.

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The fund manager is Linda Desforges but Mike Fox provides input on the equities side. Linda has overall responsibility for asset allocation.

(Mike Fox manages the Sustainable Leaders Trust for Co-operative Asset Management - the 1st ethically screened fund to top the UK-All Companies sector, so is better known in the industry press)

If you look at the ethical mandates of these funds you will find they are not simply screening out 'undesirable' companies/sectors but are looking for companies with long term growth prospects that should be sucessful in the long term due to their good management of Environmental, Social and Governance issues and by their business area being in an areas that should grow and benefit from increasing environmental legislation, changing demographics etc.

In all - should be less volatile than funds making punts on short-term rises and falls

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