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Any Decent Savings Rates Out There?

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Any decent returns offered on savings accounts out there somewhere? Anywhere?

I don't mean the ones involving tying your money up for 3 years.


Just wondered.

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Just signed up to coventry BS 3.3% instant access with monthly interest. They'll probably collapse in a few months, but then they just get taken over/savings book sold on elsewhere or whatever. I dont really trust the ratings agencies anyway.

Never used BS's until recently, but you get a nice little savings book and lots of AGM voting stuff, which i find nice in a sad sort of way, at least compared to my bank accounts where the only stuff they send me is promotional crud, like annuities offers (im 25!)

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For no strings attached accounts 2.5% is the best I found, let me know if you find any better!

Intelligent Finance Isaver is 2.85% (web only), no notice, £1 min

But then you'd be putting your money in the evil Lloyds Banking Group

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Get a few Lloyds TSB Vantage accounts.

£7k maximum in each and you have to put £1000 in per month. Paying 4% instant access.

So, how about 10 accounts, standing order to move the money each month and bish bash bosh.

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