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A+b+c+d = Patprimer = Labour Party Hq

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  • 4 months later...

Don't worry! I'm sure Patprimer will soon emerge from the corridors of Labour Party HQ with a new identity.

There is an election on the way, even Macavity Brown won't be able to hide away this time.

Of course, when he is outed, he will deny he is Pat the Prat. Just like he did as a+b+c+d.

I wonder who Pat really is...

Dolly Draper - Fake Physiotherapist, who lied about his qualifications.

Toilets Maguire - Geordie Dickhead. So called editor of the rubbish Mirror.

Alistair Camp-bellend - Alcoholic, manic depressive, pornographer, nasty bully.

Ed Ballsup - Ignorant lisping useless Cabinet Minister cheating on his expenses.

Last but not least...Mr Potato Head himself...Drum Roll...

Damien Mc'Bride...What a delightful character! Wikipedia sums him up beautifully...

To his critics, who include senior Cabinet ministers, McBride is regarded as a divisive and ruthless political assassin willing to put the promotion of his boss's interests above all else, including the unity of the Labour Party and the public interest. With a quick temper and an aggressive nature he has been nicknamed "Mad Dog" by his friends and "McPoison" by his enemies. For the journalist and commentator Nick Cohen, McBride was a key member of a small team that Gordon Brown used to manipulate the UK media for years using personal smears and other aggressive tactics; out of fear of personal and professional reprisals, mainstream journalists were intimidated into not bringing the activities of McBride and his team to light.

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