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Yippee - another bank holiday in the first 5 months of the year is just what we need (not!).

So we can have "dead workers day" but not celebrate equal heroes who happen to be in the military - Trafalgar Day in October anyone?

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Just you wait, the loons at the equality commision will say this discrimates against people on benefits.

We will have to have a workshy bank holiday as well.

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You'd like to think that maybe working harder to reduce the number of deaths that happen at work would be more of a use, and making it easier to get corporate manslaughter through the system would also help those left behind...

Things are different to how they used to be, and less people die in the course of industry - although I'm sure the numbers would still surprise... I'm guessing that there aren't very many bridges built recently that have to have a plaque on them with how many men died in the building of it for instance.

Maybe other countries need a day like this because their due regard for H&S is different to ours - I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other EU countries didn't always follow EU safety regulations - whereas in this country we maybe make a bit more of an effort?

I too would vote for Trafalgar Day as a national holiday, or maybe St Edmunds Day - who was the original patron St of England... both fall in October, about midway between the Aug bank holiday, and Christmas.

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I'd vote for taking St.George's day seriously.

After all you can't get more English than Yorgos, of Macedonia. ;)

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