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Historic Average Uk Rental (prices Or Yield) Data

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I have heard from a number of sources that historic house prices are broadly correlated with inflation. Having analysed Nationwide house price data going back as far as possible against RPI and RPIX I have found this theory to be complete rubbish.

So, I've decided to broaden my search with the view of hopefully writing a paper on the correlation of average UK house prices (using Nationwide data) versus a number of measures including Money Supply, Supply of housing stock, and Rents.

Does anyone know where I can get data (going as far back as possible) on what the average rental yields or monthly rent has been in the UK? It would be interesting to see if there is any correlation.

Quite seperately, if anyone knows can let me know where I can get similar info on the supply of housing stock (or UK money supply - although i know i could be pushing my luck with that request) I would be extremely grateful.

Many Thanks! :lol:


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Dear Nayemkabir,

I am a student doing my dissertation on the rent price relationship in the UK residential market.

I understand that you were looking for a rent index in July. I am also looking for a UK rent index, and have been looking and calling companies for over a week now.

Did you manage to come across a UK rent index? I need one going back a good 20/30 years preferably, but any time period will be useful to be honest.

I would appreciate it if you can let me know, and if you did would you be able to send it to me please? It would be very much appreciated.



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