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Dave Spart

Sky News Yesterday

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Sky made great hay out of a story yesterday where they claimed they had evidence of staff at a computer repair shop in London browsing personal information on one of their customer's hard drives.

Sky sent a young attractive hack to pose as a distressed damsel in need of the geeks' superior technical know how.

Before she handed the machine over, Sky had made certain to have key-logging software and the computer's video camera running while the hapless bods carried out the repairs.

While Sky trumpeted this story at every possible opportunity yesterday no other network saw fit to mention it. So why were Sky so keen?

HPCers will know that Sky is a News Corp stable mate of the News of the World, whose former editor was yesterday before a Parliamentary Select Committee explaining his role in the alledged hacking of over 3000 celebrity's phone voicemail accounts.

Any thinking individual would have seen through Sky's ridiculous entrapment story yesterday, but furthermore that story served only to emphasise the plausbility of the allegations now being aimed at NOTW.

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Also anyone watching Sky's reporting of the CCTV coverage of Steven Gerrard at a party in Liverpool in January where its alleged he threw punches at the DJ, would have been left by Sky believing Gerrard was responsible for the disgraceful and violent elbowing that started the brawl.

He wasn't.

The BBC's report of the same story was careful to make clear the culprit was Gerrard's friend, something Sky's report omitted to do. Only after having run that report the whole day did Sky bother to include the point in their coverage.

That's either sloppy journalism or wilful omission of a vital fact or the latter masquerading as the former.

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