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eric pebble

Sky News: No Takers: £1m House With Ferrari Thrown In

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No Takers: £1m House With Ferrari Thrown In


Well -- there's a surprise. :rolleyes:

Just maybe, MAYBE, this property is NOT "worth" £1m - or anything near that....? :P


"Some buyers had wanted to take up the offer for the three-storey mock-Georgian house, Mr Jones revealed.

But they had been unable to get [mortgages] LIAR LOANS without putting up large deposits because of the tightening credit market.

"We had three people interested in buying but they had to drop out because they couldn't get the LIAR LOAN [finance]," he said."

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The offer of a free Ferrari to the buyer of a £1m house has failed to draw any interested bidders.

The article is factually incorrect in the opening sentence. It's NOT a £1m house, is it. <_<

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If they'd have been in Essex, it would have sold in the first week.

The temptation of some four-wheeled bling to go with a bling house you can show off with one easy mortgage package would be too much for your average Mr. or Mrs. Essex-Innit-Kensington-WAG-Wannabees :lol:

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In the other thread the same developer is trying to get planning permission to turn the mansion into offices

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Gotta say he's doing a good job of keeping such a non-story in the media for so long. If he wasnt so mesmerised by property maybe he could probably make something of himself in a real industry.

What do you suggest he could have done..... I think his time would be best served by going back to primary school:

A thick ignorant prat.....enjoy his grasp of spelling of the English language in a reply he wrote to an article in his local paper:

so so far im stupid!!! so far im an idiot... is it stupied to want to make shore that the staff you employ can feed there famlies...or pay there morgages.!! no wounder this city strugles to pull together and over come its difficultes when so many people are closed minded to the fact of the ferrari!!! in fact that car was sold to keep all my staff going until now!!!!! at least i care for my work force!!! unlike all the companys that are making people unemployed ever day with out a wimper!!!! This council have a duty to be flexible and responsive and to exploit and identified any oppertunity that helps the economy in these difficult economic times.

So to the people who write these threads--- i ask ---WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP WITH THIS ECONOMIC CLIMATE OR ARE YOU HOPPING THE BOSS OVER COMES IT AS WELL???? Duncan Jones, Bristol


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