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its a lot less than 1%


The Worldwide Initiative to Permanently End Financial Fraud’s most important person is YOU. Without YOU, this project can have no success. Without YOU, this project cannot grow. And most importantly, without YOU, we cannot spread the truth about our fraudulent global monetary system that is currently causing economic hardships for billions of people in every country of the world.

At this current time, legislation is being proposed by various heads of states to consolidate the powers of Central Banks. Central Banks are using this crisis to forcefully and rapidly enact laws that will ensure that there is no opposition to their powers for decades to come. We founded this project because today, millions of people desire the truth about this crisis, yet there is a near vacuum in the mass media in reporting the truth.

Truth will never be revealed from the top down. It must build momentum from the bottom up. This is why YOU are the most important person in this project. Without a new, sound monetary system, all struggles for peace, prosperity, freedom, and efforts to solve the plight of hundreds of millions of refugees and to address a looming mass starvation catastrophe, is near impossible.

Only by informing your brother and sister, your son and your daughter, your father and mother, your neighbor and your friends, can we educate enough people to generate a critical energy that will produce REAL solutions to our current economic crisis. In our estimation, less than 1% of the world understands the central role Central Bankers have played in our current global economic crisis.

It is said that from dire, dark times, the greatest light can emerge. This is our opportunity and we must seize it. This is our chance to give voices to those that have remained voiceless throughout this crisis. Knowledge is power, especially in a world of misinformation, and by spreading knowledge, we can create a brighter future for every citizen in this world, rich and poor, young and old. If we don’t take action now, we’ll settle for nothing later.

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Subject: Join the Worldwide Initiative to Permanently End Financial Fraud!

Today, though we are fully two years into the worst economic crisis of our lifetime, fully more than 99% of the world’s population lacks understanding of the conditions and people that have sparked this global economic crisis. Without understanding the TRUE origins of this global economic crisis, it is impossible to counter the people and the forces that created it. Without knowledge of the truth, it is impossible to organize a coherent, intelligent movement capable of offering a constructive, sustainable solution that will better every participant’s life. The mission of the Worldwide Initiative to Permanently End Financial Fraud is to raise awareness of the true causes of this global financial crisis and to combat the propaganda spread by the financial and government elites. Various scientific studies, including one recently conducted by Microsoft, have demonstrated that the world’s “cyber-population†is only separated by 6.6 people. Thus, the goal of this project is for your participation to eventually yield the result of having this very message returned to you through someone that was not on your original distribution list.

The 10 articles we have provided below provide a quick, rapid education about the true roots of this global financial crisis in only one hour’s reading time. Before passing on this message, we urge you to take one hour out of your life to read the 10 articles below. At a minimum, we promise you that you will learn something you did not know, and in the best case scenario, we hope that the knowledge you learn will prevent you from repeating any mistakes you may have made during the first half of this global economic crisis. For a quicker, condensed overview of the truth about our global monetary system, we recommend that you read the first 5 articles on the below list. For easier access, please note that you can access this entire article library at our website, http://www.endfinancialfraud.org:

(1) “An Exploration of Madoff’s $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme Will Unveil the Root Causes of this Global Monetary Crisis†(this article explains how the world’s Central Banks have replicated the infamous Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme billion through the fractional reserve banking system.)

(2) “How Increased Paper Wealth Can Translate into a Lower Standard of Living†(this article explains how Central Banks have instituted a fraudulent monetary system that produces greater ownership of greater amounts of money that actually can result in lower standards of living!)

(3) “How the Financial Elites Enronized America†(this article explains how the fraud of the global & financial system is maintained due to systemic fraud in the legal system, educational system, and media.)

(4) “Hundreds of Millions May Face Starvation in the Next 5-10 Years†(this article explains why hundreds of millions of people will likely to starve to death in the coming future and the moral obligation of citizens worldwide to stand up to our fraudulent monetary system.)

(5) “Gold and Economic Freedom Reinterpreted for the 21st Century†(this article explains why every citizen in the world today is powerless, under our current monetary system, to prevent Central Banks from literally stealing their hard earned money.)

(6) “How a Fraudulent Global Monetary System Creates Boom Bust Cycles†(this article exposes the lie that boom-bust cycles are a “natural†part of the economic cycle.)

(7) “The Line that Separates Real Money from Counterfeit Money has Become Nearly Indistinguishable†(this article explains the great irony in the situation whereby Central Bankers’ actions harm your wealth to a far greater degree than any money counterfeiter ever could).

(8) “Hidden Conflicts of Interest Often Provide the Motive for Financial Experts’ Statements†(this article exposes that the ulterior motives behind many public statements issued by so-called “experts†are driven by self-interest.)

(9) “How We Can Save Our Country & Prevent Big Banks From Ruining America Forever†(this article provides the first step in how to permanently end global financial fraud. The actions discussed can be used as a template for a call to action in any country worldwide.)

(10) “Can Rising Stock Markets Serve as Confirmation of a Crashing Economy?†(this article explains how Central Banks create stock market & real estate bubbles that appease the populace and though they ultimately create very little or no real wealth.)

Please help us make your life better and the future of our world much brighter by assisting us in the world’s largest effort to permanently end financial fraud worldwide. Since 2006, the founders of the Worldwide Initiative to Permanently End Financial Fraud have been actively warning people about the severity of this unfolding crisis months, and sometimes years, before anyone else. However, we firmly believe that the window of opportunity to positively affect the final outcome of this crisis is now rapidly closing. Please help forward our message about the truth of this global financial crisis by taking the following two steps:

(1) Send this message to everyone you know, and ask them to send it to everyone they know by simply cutting and pasting this message into an email with the subject, “Join the Worldwide Initiative to Permanently End Financial Fraud.†Please do not merely hit the forward button to circulate this message as many people automatically delete forwarded messages without reading them.

(2) Please additionally send this message separately as an individual message to the six people that you believe will be most likely to pass on this message. Personalize these six messages with a short message of your own that explains why you believe in the importance of this project. This step is even more critical than the first step to the success of this project.

Numerous psychological studies have illustrated that if you were in need of help from a stranger in a crowd, you are ten times more likely to receive help if you point directly at one person and state, “You. Help me!†versus if you cry out “Somebody please help!†The same applies to this project. The majority of people will not respond to messages directed to mass lists. Therefore, we have to assume that very few people will respond to the first step above, though some undoubtedly will. The response rate to this project will soar ONLY if you complete step (2) above.

The Worldwide Initiative to Permanently End Financial Fraud will only be successful if you complete both of the above two steps. And please don’t forget to omit the six people that will receive your more personalized message from the first step, so that these six people do not receive notice about our project twice.

You may further help us achieve our mission of permanently ending financial fraud worldwide by distributing the URL of our website, http://www.endfinancialfraud.org through any of the popular social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. On Facebook, we have created a group of the same name, “The Worldwide Initiative to Permanently End Financial Fraudâ€, to facilitate the forwarding of information about our social experiment to your friends. Thank you for joining in the world’s largest project to permanently end financial fraud today.

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