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Banking Nostalgia.

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Where did it all go wrong eh? ;)

Funny how times change. I've always been interested in the advertising surrounding banks, because what they do even in the best of times doesn't obviously lend itself to any particular sort of ad (as shaving foam, cars or whatever tend to) so the admen have to make something out of 'whole cloth' as it were.

Artistic merit award goes to: "BarclaysRunner".

Oddly prescient banking ads featuring both a highly realistic vision of Barclay's own internet banking services in the context of a dsytopian future (next week!) Britain but also remarkably prescient straplines:

"Ever worry that the bigger banks get the smaller that your problems will seem to them?"


"Are you worried that the more banks become automated the less you'll get out of them?"


You lot sure changed your tune award goes to: Natwest.

"Its my job to make sure they get the right mortgage, which means, one they can afford. You don't want to be struggling in the first years, the kids'll give you enough of that!"

Jnr Gold Blend Couple trophy goes to: Natwest II.

"Its not all work, work, work, work"

"It's just like a photocopier, only the paper's more expensive" <---- the young Injin as a lad? ^_^

Not crazy about the image there prize goes to: Lloyds

Heroic pig-man vs. tax collector


"Might they be banking on your apathy? Your acquiesence?"

Anyone else got any other classics from the 'good old days' of usury advertising?

Just as an aside, I can't trust my memory but did banks really used to be that ludicrously overstaffed?

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