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Guess Where This House Is

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QE, you know its good for HPI.......NOT

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3 Bedroom semi


Answer in 10 mins, good luck

Looks like the B&B I stayed in in South Africa, but it's to expensive even for there. So it's got to be one of the adjacent countries (The security gates are the give-away)


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Bakkie .......

Came to the thread late but Zim was my guess ....

The 404 is an amazing car and bakkie .....

The 404, original Beetle, Land Rover and really old Mercedes are the four vehicles that have really stood the test of time in Africa ......

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looks like a poor part of france

a lot of it used to be [and was better for it]. They even got to drink better in De Congo back then too.

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These prices seem to confirm a few thoughts that have been floating around this site lately :

- While house prices in Zim are roughly the same in USD or GBP terms as they were 30 years ago, they are only a store of value at best and have certainly massively underperformed other asset classes denominated in other currencies over the same period. This is the ultimate confirmation of Dr Bubb's view about houses being a poor asset to choose if one fears high or hyper inflation.

- While houses are a store of value at best, there are more liquid choices in times of complete economic collapse (gold anyone?).

- If (and it is a big if) we are entering into a period of simultaneous global collapse in the value of money, houses are not a good hedge.

- Despite the societal collapse that has taken place in Zim, people still want a place to live even amidst complete economic carnage.

My summary of what is happening in Zim is that the best way to react to current circumstances is to buy as "little house" as one can tolerate and to sink as much wealth as possible into other assets which will outperform a break even at best over 30 years.

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