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Army Launches Devestating Attack On Brown And The Defence Secretary.

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Brown should get his head handed to him for this. This is getting personal and brutal for Labour.


"Defence Secretary is just not up to the job"

Lord Guthrie, former Chief of the Defence Staff, told the Mail yesterday: 'There is real anger at every level in the Army today that all the repeated warnings have been ignored and we are now suffering the consequences on the battlefield.'

In a highly personal attack on the Prime Minister, he added: 'I and other former chiefs have been warning for years in the House of Lords about the chronic shortages, but Gordon Brown as Chancellor was wholly unsympathetic to the needs of defence.'

Senior British soldiers have launched a lacerating attack on Gordon Brown over Afghanistan.

They warned that a 'lack of leadership' at the top of government is causing unnecessary deaths.

On the day that six more soldiers killed in Helmand Province were named, one high-ranking Army officer said that soldiers are dying on the front line because the Prime Minister and Chancellor Alistair Darling have refused to pay for the reinforcements and equipment they need.

And he bluntly dismissed the Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth as 'simply not up to it' after he rejected a request by the Army chief, General Sir Richard Dannatt, for 2,000 extra troops.

'It is impossible to make sensible policy if you don't have proper political leadership,' the commander said.

'What we are saying to the Government is that it must resource this war properly, and start sounding as if ministers believe in it. If they do not, then why should our chaps at the sharp end be taking the losses and sending mates home in body bags?'

Tensions between military leaders and politicians boiled over into the public domain after 15 British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in ten days, bringing the total killed since the operation there began in 2001 to 184, five more than were lost in Iraq.

A senior MP on the Commons Defence Committee raised the spectre of World War One style casualty levels, with one in ten of Britain's 9,000 front-line troops losing their lives if the conflict continues at its current intensity.

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It is a complete waste of time being there.

I mean, could someone not point out, that that if the russians at the height of military might overrunning Afghanistan couldnt beat this lot, what makes them think they can.

the general theme however in all of this is quite frankly Brown and his lot couldnt organize an orgy in a whorehouse, we are all so screwed.

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From what iv'e read, McBroon has no interest in the Afghan war and never did have. He's just doing the bare minimum to keep the US off his back.

I reckon he would have us out of there tomorrow if the US allowed it or Brown had the balls to say no to Obummer. The troop numbers and equipment are running on bare bones.

The result is a half-arsed attempt at a war and an ever increasing number of dead Brits.

Afghanistan doesn't lose wars.

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I wouldn't get too excited about doddery old soldiers writing in the Daily Mail, if I were you, Sunonmars. Just like most people think they could do the job better than their bosses, so do soldiers think they could run the MoD and government better than the current incumbents. They couldn't, of course.

It wasn't just 1919 Germany that we've heard the old refrain "Stabbed in the back"!

(Strange how the Daily Mail and Der DolchstoƟ come together so comfortably.)

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I suspect the army kill figures are fluff.

I mean, if they have launched a devastating attack on brown, why is he still alive? god knows how bad they are with armed opponents.

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