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Labour Clashes With Army As Afghan Death Toll Mounts

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Makes me F£cking furious to read stuff like this and our simpleton Govt. Give our boys what they need to fight a war or get them the hell out of there. I'm disgusted.


Senior Labour figures last night accused the head of the army of playing politics as he warned that there were too few troops and helicopters in the Afghan war zone.

One minister expressed fury that General Sir Richard Dannatt, the chief of the general staff, had attended a private dinner with Tory MPs and suggested an extra 2,000 troops were needed in Helmand province.

The general’s remarks put him at odds with the official government line that the 9,000 British troops already in Afghanistan are sufficient to cope with the current offensive.

A Labour minister said: “General Dannatt has crossed an important line. He is playing a high-risk game.â€

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, said the government’s failure to provide helicopters was a “scandalâ€. His claim echoed a devastating attack on Gordon Brown by Lord Guthrie, the former head of the armed forces, who said that when Brown was chancellor the Treasury had spent “the minimum they could get away with†on defence.

Stung by criticism that the Afghan war was “unwinnableâ€, Brown issued a detailed defence of Britain’s continued role in the conflict.

In a six-page letter to MPs, he claimed the Afghanistan-Pakistan border had emerged as “a new crucible of terrorism†linked to three-quarters of the most serious plots against the UK.

President Barack Obama also appeared to shore up Brown’s position, saying that Britain had played an outstanding role in Afghanistan. However, he conceded that the military strategy would have to be reviewed after the Afghan presidential elections.

It emerged last night that the Treasury has told MoD officials that there will be no funds for extra helicopters because the Americans have now effectively taken over Helmand.

The chancellor, Alistair Darling, insisted yesterday that the troops would get anything they needed. “You can’t send troops into the front line and not be prepared to see it through in terms of the . . . resources that they need,†he said.

But an MoD official working on urgent operational requirements for Afghanistan said the Treasury had made it clear that there was no extra money for vital equipment, including armoured vehicles.

Plans to send extra helicopters to southern Afghanistan to support British special forces have been cancelled, one defence source said. The forces will have to rely on US helicopters and sharing those used by British troops in Helmand.

Of the 9,000 troops in Afghanistan, there are 5,000 in Helmand who have just 10 Chinooks and five smaller, less-powerful Lynx helicopters compared with the 120 Chinooks allocated to the 8,000 US marines in the centre and south of the province.

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Extra, Brown is notorious is sticking two fingers up at pur armed forces, the twerp.


The parents of soldiers killed in Afghanistan have accused the Government of starving British forces of urgently needed equipment.

Jane Ford, whose son Ben was killed in an explosion in southern Afghanistan two years ago, said: ''It is our sons who are suffering because of [ministers'] stingy attitude. It is their blood that is paying. If we are not careful the Government will just waste money on things that are not necessary – like giving the money to MPs for their luxury apartments. Why can't we have luxury bombs?"

Ian Sadler, the father of 21-year-old Jack Sadler, who died in Afghanistan in 2007 when his Snatch Land Rover went over a mine, said: "Our soldiers must have a lot better than the vehicles they are being given at the moment. A Land Rover or a high-mobility truck are just not suitable for travelling in a mined environment. We also need more helicopters."

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China/Russia will NOT allow this to go on, how long before the Afgan get new gen SAMS?

Bye Bye Hele, no ECM will save them.

Britian will be bankupted by this.


Not so sure, money saved not fighting wars can be used to buy up resources elsewhere. Afghanistan probably played a large part in bringing down the iron curtain, superpower belief went out of the window when the Russian withdrawal came.

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I guess this Panthers claw operation involves intense fighting. I sincerely hope it exceeds it's objectives and they gut the Taleban in Helmand with no further losses.

I don't see how fighting the Taleban abroad can be reconciled with the politicians unwillingness to crackdown on muslim extremism within the UK itself.

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In a six-page letter to MPs, he claimed the Afghanistan-Pakistan border had emerged as “a new crucible of terrorism†linked to three-quarters of the most serious plots against the UK.

well, if you insist on becoming embroiled in asymetric warfare, what do you expect to happen? :blink:

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This has a silver lining. As nulabia seek to gain more and more control over the populace, they will at some stage need the support of the Armed Forces.

In the event of a popular uprising (which won't happen because we're British) the gumment can now kiss this vital support goodbye. They may have the Police.... but that won't be any use against the Military.

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One thing i do respect about American voters: they value politicians with military service.

By and large, most of our MPs are needledicked, pencilnecked career politicians who have never held a job outside media,law,academia and politics. Most of the could do with having a belt taken to them now and then.

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