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Looks like Furba have been doing some house keeping since I last popped in.

The long serving members will know we bought our rented crash pad back in Jan 2008 [at a discount to market of just over 26%] Look it was a dam sight cheaper than a divorce OK. But still under no illusions that the market could and should fall further [without massive government manipulation of the market] Which as it happens they have done with "quantitative" easing, and nigh on zero rate bank rate...there goes the value of your savings folks ....but that's another story.

Anyway back on subject, in Jan 2008 a two bed house across from us went on sale for 240k. Last sale of those type of houses was back in July 2007 @ 247.5K Land Reg ignore "Type" they are two rows of houses [no flats] both the last house sold in 2007 and the one I'm on about are both end of terrace.

Now at the time it went up for sale, and in relation to what we paid for our three bedder, I said to the wife it's worth 174K, well it finally completes next Wednesday @ 170K.

The house was a real sale, by that I mean the house layout was not conducive to the incapacity of the owner, who has since died. The vast majority of sellers have IMO expectations beyond the reality of the market. But that has a lot to do with the industry and governments siege mentality.....don't worry the cavalry are coming.

So that said, nothing much is really selling in Skipton. But unemployment is low, and with Skipton Building society, and its off shoots being a major employer in the town, along with the nearby Airedale Hospital there's little pressure to sell, but also little incentive to buy.

People still think house prices getting back to normal, will be when they are back at 2007 levels, don't you just love our propagandised media. Have you notice in the property porn shows, how now is considered bargain time. Question is can the BOE print enough money, to make that be reality.......that's another story.

I really feel sorry for those who did not get sucked into the biggest Ponzi scheme in my lifetime, and I'm 63. Living in less than perfect rented accommodation with no security of tenure. And now seeing their savings returning sod all, while this government tries to inflate away the housing debt. Because in "pound note" terms, as the tax payer is underwriting bank losses on housing, it is imperative the government staunch the flow of haemorrhaging house valuations.

I really don't know how this is all going to end, all I do know society will be worse off either way. All l because the Anglo American financial model that capitalism is built on, is in effect the puppet masters of our governments. They our government consider our enslavement to the bankers is our only route to salvation....me I'd take the lot of them outside and do a Ceausescu on them ....rant over

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I'm looking to relocate to Skipton because of a job offer, a major employer somewhere near the castle :) Where are the nice parts of town to live, and where are the bad ones? Are there any bad ones even? I'm thinking somewhere within easy distance of the railway would be useful. Houses seemed to have stopped moving, with big reductions at the upper end. Depending on my budget, I can manage up to 200K for a bolthole or 500K if I sell my current house and move completely.

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I grew up in Skipton, moved away to university and now go back occassionally to visit my parents who still live there. I love going back but it has changed an awful lot and hasn't got the same character it used to have. Houses have dropped in price but they do seem to still be selling if a little slowly, someone down the road from my parents just sold there 4 bed for £267,000 after putting it on the market 6 months ago at £315,000. There are plenty of nice areas, personally I wouldn't want to live in the areas around Greatwood or Burnside, my parents live near the grammer schools and I've always liked it there - a 10-15 minute walk to town and about the same to the train station and eay to get out onto the ringroads rather than getting stuck in the traffic going through the town!

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Living down the line from Skipton has a lot of advantages. It might technically be Bradford but is also West Yorkshire. Services and public transport are much better than North Yorkshire.

Keighley is completely underated. Prices are lower than Skipton, for everything, and the choice is just as good.

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