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50% Down On Some New Builds

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I remember sometime around 2002/3 - I was travelling along the coast of Sussex - and place after place had these new, HORRIBLE, GRIM newbuilds - built like little rabbit-hutches - 1/2 bedroom so--called "Luxury" or "Stunning" [Yep stunning it was - it was liked being hit by a stun gun!! :D ] "developments" --- row after row after row...... And I said to my friend with me -- "This is utter sh1t - and I predict that in 5-8 years time, half of these dog-boxes/kennels will be empty, doors and windows half hanging off their hinges, swinging in the wind...... WORTHLESS".

I reckon I was/still am right - and at best they'll be used to house the mad/local loonies... etc. etc.

I stood their in utter amazement..... Yep -- I sure was "stunned"..... :P

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If new build flats are down 50%, but the overall fall for the entire market has only been 9%, then what does that imply for the price movements of the good, traditional, family homes that most of us hanker for?

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Guest KingCharles1st

OK_ are we starting to see yet...?

50% mentioned three times in one day

It's going to be "name and shame" next week before the summer recess starts. This 50% lark is going to seed all Summer, and by the Autumn, it will be accepted- or more importantly, Gordon's way to deal with the problem will be.. <_<

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New builds, new schmilds...

You know, the problem is with most new builds is that you cannot furnish them with old build furniture. Beds are too big, dressers, wardrobes, tables, cabinets et al...

You are forced to by crappy mdf micro furnishings to put in your plasterboard and chewing gum house.

50% is the bare minimum in drop I'd say, especially for the cheap tat that I've seen on offer these days.

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