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Just a quick fun Friday afternoon poll to see who is missing the tartan keyboard warriors unique take on housing and the economy. :P

As I am sure he still haunts this board feel free to add comments for Hamish below after voting.

Hamish and Sibley have recently moved into a rented flat together:


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Guest Barebear
Whilst reading this thread I was overcome with the wonder of what happened to Top Deck drinks - particularly the lager an lime?

I seem to recall that Fred Trueman advertised them or they did just have lots of cricket imagery as part of their adverts? Used to be quite thirst quenching after school in that long hot Summer of '76.

OK, so I did a Hamish and hijacked the thread but I feel that it is important enough. We need answers - what happened to Top Deck shandy, lager and lime?



What were you drinking that for in 76 ? Most kids were in the pub drinking double diamond and taking advantage of the blind eye turned towards underage drinkers.

I had bought my first pint at 14 but was really scared they'd suss me out so I over egged it and lent on the bar wiping my brow and complaining of a really tough day at the factory.

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Guest Barebear
LMAO! What - in your school uniform?

The uniform was hidden under my parka and my books were stuffed down the back of my trousers.

As we were at the bar giving it large about the days hard work my mate whispered in my ear that I had writing all over my hand , love hearts and things and we should go and sit out of site before we got twigged.

We spent all lunch time talking in extremly deep voices and saying things like '' I must remember to service the car this weekend'' everytime somone got near.

It was fun.

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hell no

I stopped reading the aberdeen thread because it was constantly spammed by him

1500 odd posts since december 2008

he must have nothing bettter to do - my post count is only about 100 and been on site year longer and half of those are probably knocking heads with him.

he wouldnt accept fact - and then suddenly he was passing this 3 months later as his informed opinion (stock turnover of housing stock)

Edited by euan2020
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