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Just thought I'd post this as an example?

One of my unhappy customers e-mailed one of my suppliers on his crappy supply to the UK. Heres the response;

Thank you for your letter.

You are correct that this is no fault of the UK supplier. One thing that I do need to make clear is that the production delay is not only in the UK. We are 8-10 weeks behind on all orders in all countries including the USA. If you search you will find plenty of message boards of frustrated people in the USA complaining of waits of 6-10 weeks for our goods.

I do not want to make excuses, as this is 100% the fault of our company, but the fact is that the poor USA economy has put several of our vendors out of business or caused them to cut back on staff and supply significantly. This in turn has caused us to have to find new vendors, get them set up with tooling and raw materials and production. This is a 6-8 week process if everything goes smoothly. If there are any problems or we reject the first samples, add another 2 weeks.

We are also dealing with a capital shortage because all the banks have pulled back lines of credit and are not loaning money. It takes capital to produce the product needed for our orders and capital has been in short supply so we can only afford to make so much product each week based on what capital we have to work with. We are currently sitting with 9 weeks worth of orders that have not yet shipped.

I really appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

Best regards,

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