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fine, so a couple of bad indicators, no need to get all bearish.

everything will be fine by Christmas as those non farm jobs are back producing things, QE will have written off a lot the debt, and factories will be borrowing again.

The future is bright........spun for readability.

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What this chap needs is one of these.


Check out the reviews.

very very funny :lol:

Wolves + the Moon = the ability to pwn face!

I love wolves, wolves and the moon. What more can anyone ask for! This shirt has 3 times the wolf action than most shirts and the moon, omg don't get me started on the moon. When I wear this shirt, I feel decreased gravity surging through my body as my spirit is one with nature. It's as if the moon itself is entertained by the grace of these 3 majestic creatures. Caution though, I fear that if I leave my home NASA will launch a manned mission at me.

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