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Www.creditcardkiller.co.uk. Uk's Own Jingle Mail Company

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I frankly can't see how a credit card holder can sell their own debt to a third party without that third party reaching an agreement with the bank concerned and paying the bank.

Surely credit card companies can sell the debt of their consumers , but a situation where you see the borrower effectively re-assigning who the bank should collect that debt from I just don't see working... I don't understand how it could work in a court really.

But clearly there is some sort of point there.

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Gosh - are that repulsive pair of parasites still going?

They should have been jailed for stealing money off vulnerable people by now.

"Our extensive knowledge of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, experience in the County Courts, High Courts and the Royal Courts of Justice, our personal experience of being on the receiving end of the lenders debt collection practices, together with our passion for consumers' rights are some of the reasons that make us leaders in the industry. "

And lost. Repeatedly.

And were correctly identified as the lying cheating dishonest scum that they still are in the judgement.

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Im not entirely convinced this is a bad thing. I see it just as a battle of wits, a big game against the banks. #

Sometimes they win and spunk loads of money into the economy, force up house prices, take exorbitant bank charges, sell overpriced unsuitable PPI, sell dodgy endowmnets, go bust and borrow billions from the gummint.

And sometimes we win and get the charges back etc etc.

Its all just a game isnt it?

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The law should be simple: you borrow money, you pay it back.


Hows about this for simplicity - you borrow money, you borrow money. Some plauible halfwit in a suit saying it has happened and doing some accounting like it's happened isn't actual borrowing.

Fractional reserve ******** should simply be prosecuted as the fraud it is.

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A game ... yeah... a game in which people like us lose and repulsive twots like that win (as they surely have done, for despite losing in court and breaching various orders not to peddle their dishonest schemes, I bet they haven't handed back a penny of the money they took.)

There's a line beyond which you have to say that it's just theft, and these people surely cross it.

PS... If I borrow your car, can I say I've subcontracted the duty to hand it back to my mate Dangerous Dave and carry on driving around in it?

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