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Goldman Sachs Loses Grip On Its Doomsday Machine

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so, a program trades with itself billions of times per second and makes the owners lots of money.

or, a program trades billions of times per second with other traders trading programs and makes all of them lots of money.

or, its all 8ollox.

Heres the bloo loo algorithym.

For ever

10 buy BP at x.

20 x == 50

30 y == 51

40 sell BP at y

50 Profit = y-x

60 Bonus = Profit*.1


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A big rival brand to the company I work for is poised to enter the US market over the next couple of years. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned but Goldman are ramping them already. Doomsday Machine or not, it's their political connections that are so terrifying.

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GS fulfil what % of trades in the market?

I thought the issue was that having established a dominant market position, they could exploit that position to frontrun their clients' trades.

That doesn't amount to a hill of beans if you only execute 0.01% of market trades. It becomes an issue when you're executing 40% of all trades.

And the alleged practice of frontrunning - for example automatically buying shares in company X on your own account 40 milliseconds before you fulfill your client's instruction to buy shares in company X is illegal, if your purchase for your own account was triggered by your client's instruction.

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