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"pay(ing) For The Incompetence Of Bubbleheads"

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Note that Deutsche Bank’s China team says the Chinese economy is “close to the cusp of the second down leg of a forecast `W’ on the back of tightening lending and slowing stimulus spending,†according to the bank’s latest report `Still Wary of Global Cyclicals’.

We are all longing to be bulls again, but we (Mankind, especially the West) have a long hard slog ahead to work off our debt depravities.


The only way to stop this madness is to get those with cash to start spending again. Best way to do this is,

1)Threaten to reduce the real value of cash held, and

2) Actually reduce the real value of cash held if the threat isnt taken seriously.

The UK has certainly had a pretty good go at QE, but as Ambrose says, nothing like enough. We need to print big time, and use that cash not to buy gilts, but to feed through and directly employ the growing numbers of unemployed.

vs "Kaitain";

“it will also make those with cash nervous about not spending what they have.â€

It’s hilarious that you tacitly treat the holders of cash as the villains. Oh, those evil savers, who refused to buy houses at 10x salary. I bet they were twirling their moustaches back in 1999 by refusing to buy dot com shares at a zillion dollars each.

I am so fed up with having to pay for the incompetence of bubbleheads. It’s like being in an iterated prisoner’s dilemma with an orally fixated toddler.

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