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I always find these quite interesting


Anthony suffers from delusions of grandeur:

"I sound like a stuck record because I have been saying this over and over again since I started contributing to the City Diaries. At last, I think the Chancellor and Prime Minister may be listening. "

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Those are priceless. Putting the UK into ****'ed.

"Now the recession has not been good for anyone" - Mark was one of the quotes. Talk about not being able to see both sides!

On a more serious note, it's good to see that so many in banking are expecting a double dip recession. If that is the case, the gubbernmint can't do much to stop it. The bankers are expecting it, and they will therefore, collectively, make it happen.

"Let's [not?] forget that while the banks might have been guilty with cheap credit, they did not exactly force consumers at gun point to take out mortgages, loans or overdrafts!" - Mark

No, they just made a major contribution to making all the sheeple sh*t themselves that they were going to miss out on the opportunity to get on the housing ladder. Come on, everyone knows how daft the Great British public are!

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I was not around when any of the World Wars took place, to which I believe I am fortunate, but one thing you cannot take away from that era is the camaraderie that existed. I feel very unfortunate to live in a time, often a troubled time, when this sense of 'in it together' has completely gone. We do, completely, live for oneself.

The irony of someone who works in the City saying this is truly staggering IMPO. Oh well, at least 'Mark' appears to have begun to ask himself the important questions.

Having read those diaries I am shocked by how just, IMPO, juvenile and inexperienced the views of those sound. I assume they are all just out of Uni types and very young?

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