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At the end of Property Snakes and Ladders last night there was an invitation for people who want to be in the next series of "Property Ladder"

So the green shoots are good enough that the Snakes can be dropped for the next series.

I was kind of depressed that even after the credit crunch, the would be developers still seemed able to break even or turn a profit... OK, its an illusion, as their time and opportunity cost is never factored in to the end numbers, but somehow Sarah Beeny can pull the wool over my eyes every time.

Its still possible to take a bunch of brick bunkers next to a fishmonger and turn a profit. What a drag.

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable

You have to hand it to these ***** in PR, they are doing a good job in manipulating the media.

Unfortunately singing "Lalalalalala" while your ******** are on fire won't put them out.

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