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Last year Mr Darling was calling for restraint on pay increases to keep inflation under control, then they go ahead with a whopping 7% increase on passport fees.

From September adult passports will be costing £77.50

Full article here


Fees for British passports will rise across the board from September, ministers announced today.

Charges for a standard 10-year adult passport will increase by 7.6 per cent from £72 to £77.50.

The price of other types of passport will also rise, with the most costly being the adult's "Premium" guaranteed same-day service, which goes up £15.50 to £129.50 for a standard passport.

The fast-track adult passport - which is processed in a week - will cost £112.50, also up £15.50.

A standard child's passport will cost £49, up £3.

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Museum entrance fees

Museums aren't free. Just because some of their funding has been moved from entrance fees to general taxation does not mean that the cost of providing them has been reduced.

Similarly with the National Identity Register. If some people are entered on it for free, others will pay more either in compulsory charges for passports and ID cards, or through general taxation.

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Crikey, the last time I renewed my passport it was £33 and it still has a few years to run!

There is no excuse for this.

Various excuses have been made each time this tax has been put up. The excuse given in this article is that demand has fallen due to fewer people going on holiday. The real reason for the dramtic rise in passport tax over recent years is to cover the cost of introducing the National Identity Register.

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I don't understand this increase. If the revenue earned is less then shouldn't the incentive be to reduce the cost so that more people will apply.

My idea would be to issue a passport to every British national at cost and then reduce the operation of the passport agency.

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