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Jackson As A Guiding Light Of "debt Is Wrong"

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Michael Jackson lived in a financial fantasy land that he created to overcompensate for emotional deficits accumulated during a lifetime in the spotlight.

Now, erase the “in the spotlight†phrase from the above sentence and substitute Jackson’s name with yours or that of someone you know well.

Getting a sense of recognition?

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Jackson is the ultimate shining example of our excess, the highest paid start in history and he dies owing $0.5bn according to some press reports.

Incredible that he managed to burn through that much cash.

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Reminds me of that Bill Hicks impersonation of Elvis Presley where he keeps saying to folks in the audience:

"There's a brand new Cadillac honey! Thankyou!... Brand new Cadillac.. honey! Thankyou!"

"I Think that whats killed Elvis, He got that bill from General Motors" :lol:

"If he'd have lived on, towards the end of his career he'd have been saying..brand new Chevette honey"

Bill as Elvis 'Brand new cadillac!'

( It's all good, but 1.15 in for the time poor ;) )

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