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Alfie Moon

Website For Reviewing Estate Agents And Their Work

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Estate Agents have an incredibly poor public image - a recently published national survey found that 99% of the public do not trust Estate Agents, and indeed I've never come across anyone who has had dealings with Estate Agents that haven't had bad experiences - the usual complaints being along the lines of - incompetent, telling lies, arrogance, telling lies, laziness, telling lies, not passing on information, telling lies, ignorance, telling lies, rudeness, telling lies, etc., etc.

For many items and services that you can buy there are websites with either professional or members of the public's reviews, or both, of the said item/service. It seems a shame that there isn't a similar source of reviews about individual Estate Agent outlets so that if you are thinking of selling or buying through a particular Estate Agent you can find out about other peoples experiences and opinions about the service they provide. This would need to be reviews written by both vendors and buyers. I suspect it would only be this kind of mechanism (other than official regulation) that might get Estate Agents to begin to address the lack of trust issue (and it seems fairly obvious that if people don't trust Estate Agents they do not like or respect them either - I've never come across anyone who likes or respects Estate Agents). No doubt Estate Agents would post their own false reviews but I suspect many members of the public would enjoy venting their spleen about Estate Agents, incompetence, lies, rudeness, etc. for real reviews to get through to the public.

I would certainly make use of such a website if it existed.

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Perhaps a Review of Estate Agents - vendors and buyers reviews, could be an extension or development for the HPC website? There must be a large audience for such material and hence plenty of advertising money to be made from it?????? If HPC did set it up I would suggest that it wasn't necessarily under the banner of HPC (probably a bit too hostile and off putting) but could still link to the HPC website as well.

Go on, I'm sure Estate Agencies across the UK would welcome such a development with open arms!!

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I didn't have much trouble with the estate agent from whom I bought the only house I've ever "owned". He was very helpful, seemed to be honest and didn't try to sell me any financial products.

Having said that, he went out of business shortly after we bought the house - admittedly during the early 90s crash. Perhaps being honest and straight doesn't pay in estate agency. Very sad, if so.

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Perhaps it would only work if it was attached to one of the more successful House Price information websites, and might help them increase their website visit traffic significantly?

Personally I would be very interested in seeing vendors and buyers reviews/feedback about particular Estate Agents - in order to get an insight about how they operate, etc. Am I alone in being interested in such info or do you think the public more generally would be interested and use such information?

Maybe it could be built up in terms of other services the public have difficulty in trusting - builders, plumbers, solicitors, etc.?

Or perhaps all the Dragon's would say - "you know where I'm going with this ......I'm out."

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