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Centenary Mill Court New Hall Lane Preston


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Came across this property:

Apartment 106, Centenary Mill Court New Hall Lane, Preston, Lancashire PR1 5JJ

Being marketed for £122,000


Originally sold 28-Feb-2005 for £135,996


Also noted that a lot of these flats have now been resold, but most at a loss. Are there some fundamental probs with the development or is it just a question of bad timing (not for the developer obviously)?


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Lived in Preston all my life, it's close to town but at the top end of new hall lane which contains over 20 takeaways.

The Callen estate which is a 5 minute walk was one of the worst estates in northen england.

I went to view one last year with my sister, the bottom floor appartments are poor and small, looks like a prison inside the hall way. Make what you will heard they filled most of the bottom floor with people on housing benefits because they couldn't sell. The top floor seemed a little better but not much. Basically one massive open plan room, and by massive I mean about 12 ft high with paint comming off one of the walls.

The one you've linked is one of the bigger appartments on the upper floor, I wonder how much that would cost to heat in Winter?

I'd pay 70k.

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................looks like a prison inside the hall way.....

Funny you should say that, I had a drive around the back the other day and that's the impression I got of the outside.

When I see these massive mill complexes converted into housing (and the preceding loss of jobs), I often wonder what people now do for a living?


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I would avoid anything on or close to New Hall Lane. I would only pay half the current asking price if I had to live there. Smack rats, prostitutes and unsavory characters are a plenty in that part of the city. Does it come with standard baseball bat or the upgrade of shotgun behind the front door?

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