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Dave Spart

Does ******** Give You Cancer?

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It's not such a daft question.

The bullshitters - bankers, estate agents, property porn queens and the like - all contributed in their own ways to the credit crunch and there have been indirect consequences of their actions.

Anyone with a brain stem knows the UK Govt has eventually got to make cut backs.

Many public sector workers will be joining their private sector counterparts in the dole queues and bankruptcy courts.

Even those who are lucky enough to escape the worst live in fear for themselves.

Worst still there is also the threat of cut backs in health service provision.

Everyone is stressed.

Stress is a cause of cancer.

Ergo, it follows that bullsh1t that caused the crisis caused the stress that will cause increased instances of cancer.

Bullsh1t causes cancer.

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Guest AuntJess

It might if you ate it. :o Talking it is too common, 'specially on here. ;)

We'd all be dead as dodos. :ph34r:

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