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It is supposed to be p*ssing down in West Wales today. Last night and all day today the BBC Weather has been reporting heavy rain, warning of danger to driving as rainfall could be so heavy - even have had little warning triangles with exclamation marks on the inside over Wales.

So, I did not go surfing.

Put my washing out on the washing line 3 hours ago and it is nice and dry now. Have just put out a new batch of washing. The air is fresh and lovely, the blue sky is uplifting and it just feels a lovely, warm and DRY day.

The BBC Weather in increasingly wrong but it seems to be getting more and more wrong if you see what I mean. Why are we playing for such a shoddy service.

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Guest anorthosite

They're getting quite good at the cloud cover in the highlands, although their rain forecasts are rubbish.

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I have found the BBC weather forecast for South Wales to be suprisingly accurate - whatever the website says the weather will be, you can be guaranteed that it'll be the exact opposite!

In Shefield you need to work on the "Factor 24" model. Not sunblock, just that whatever the National LBC or Look Leeds forecast is, it'll be right, but 24 hours later than claimed.

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