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Only 4x Salary To Live In Whitehaven

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they don't make it clear by "average" if it is 4 times natinal average or 4 times the local average.

somehow, I don't think that it is 4 times the local average salary.

Sellafield is not too far away which might explain why local average earnings may be relatively high (I have no evidence to back that up, it's just a guess) and also why not so many people want to live there.

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The Yahoo report seems to be based on Halifax figures.

Whilst i can't immediatley find a press release with this data in, Halifax normally use "Ratio of the Halifax standardised average price to national average earnings for full-time male employees" as a measure.

Not because it's particularly balid as a comparison but because it's been available for long enough to be a good comparator for trends. So when they say "average" they mean "mean", as the "median" preferred by the ONS now has not been available for as long.

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High wage area relative to NW( thanks to BNFL ) situated on the edge of the Lake District -lots worse places to live imo ...

I love the Lake district , total agreement..lots of worse places. If you like the outdoor life and don't want to live in a city or anywhere busy. Each to their own I guess

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