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John Lewis Sales Down As Consumers Sunbathe

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Sales at John Lewis department stores fell by 3.7 per cent last week as warmer weather and sporting events such as Wimbledon kept people out of the shops.

The start of the summer clearance sale failed to stem the drop in sales at the chain, which is regarded as a bellwether for UK consumer spending.

At Waitrose, which is also part of the John Lewis partnership, sales improved by 10.1 per cent as people bought light summer food for picnics.

Sales of quiches were up by 28 per cent, with continental meat sales up 20 per cent and purchases from the olive bar up 29 per cent on the same week a year earlier. Picnicware was one of the strongest performers in John Lewis department stores, with sales up by 10 per cent.

Overall sales at the John Lewis partnership were up by 4.4 per cent.

In the department store, sales of outdoor toys rose by 14 per cent and suncare products increased 35 per cent thanks to the sunny weather.

Home products continued their declining sales, with an 8.4 per cent sales decrease.

Howard Archer, chief UK and European economist at Global Insight, said: “It hardly suggests that consumers are splashing out and it does little to dilute suspicions that consumer spending will be muted for some time to come, thereby limiting recovery prospects.â€

Ouch falling sales with the sale. Next week it will rain, and this will cause sales to fall?

Saying that though swine looks like it's going to be a huge problem for retail. (at work the desks are to be disinfected daily)

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John Lewis is performing some cull of it's online marketing too.

IMO a foolish one as they pay ONLY for results. That's something TV and newspaper advertising don't do.

Perhaps their sales have been hit because of the change in MPs shopping lists?

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Why is the weather ever used as an excuse?

If I want to buy something, I couldn't give 2 hairy hoots about what it is like outside.

It's always the weather.

Retailer X blames unusually hot summer weather for falling sales of woolly hats.

Retailer Y blames unusually wet weather for falling sales of papier mache hats

Retailer Z blames unusually windy weather for falling sales of crotchless knickers.

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