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Bbc1 Panorama Monday - Rights Of Protest Eroded By Police?

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Innocent scientists and an ex magistrate surveyed and filmed by police, records held on police files, all just for attending a harmless meeting.

The police clearly have a few twits in their ranks who carry out duties even when they plainly go against people's democratic right to protest and perhaps what they were told to do and not do. Bovver boy thugs in uniform is nothing new, but they mustn't become the accepted norm.

See the programme that aired last night, you will be shocked, 100 % guaranteed

Everyone needs to write to their MP and yes protest in strong terms at their disgust that they are no longer allowed to protest without being followed around by idiots in a uniform too stupid to know any better and then put on a database with their registration number and photo for an length of time unknown even if not arrested or charged, it's not the free country we were brought up to think it was. It's getting more like China or some other oppressive state. SHOCKING STUFF.

Don't completely blame the police, theres some incompetent or New Labour boss telling them what to do or failing to supervise them, this is a root and branch malady make no mistake. No point taking it out on the idiots at the front, its their supervisors and higher up their uber idiotic supervisors and perhaps political masters that need to get the message by swift ballot box preferably

the sooner general election day comes round and this bunch of oppressive-Labour subprime minds are out the better. Lets hope a new government reminds all the police that they serve the democratic law abiding public and that includes freedom to protest peacefully and not end up on a FIT or surveillance database. Police need to know - you screw up people's rights then you're out or possibly in court yourself, matey

Remember, it's not even half a decade since large swathes of other nearby countries were under an oppressive regime, it's not something that can just happen to someone else, nasty people can snatch your freedoms away bit by bit, don't let them get more of a toe-hold than they already have and remember history repeats itself and we have to watch who we let in the door to power here - New Labour has already been a huge mistake, got to be vigilant about the next team to bat just as much in case they are just more of the same

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