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British Homes For British People

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Well sort of......................nice to see Nu-Labour getting worried about the locals...............if i was the BNP i say:-

Look at what you got voting for us once, just imagine what your get next time".

I simply sickened by Gordon's "Trash & Blame the next Goverment", can't understand WHY the £ is not crashing!


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for 12 years britons have been at the back of the queue especialy in labour councils (visit brent,hounslow,ealing). now because the britons have woken up to being 2nd class citizens labour is scared. hopefully its the end for labour and a new political party comes along to take their place.

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It'll never happen. If he's not allowed to enable british jobs for british workers why do you think it'd be different with homes?

Yep, its just Brown trying to be a great leader, thinking that spouting New Labour style soundbite lies (Things Can Only Get Better, No More Boom & Bust, Tough On Crime, Tough On The Causes Of Crime, Education Education Education, British Jobs For British Workers...) is all that it takes. Its clear Brown's perception of the average Brit is a Britain's Got Talent-watching simpleton. This is perhaps true of the average Labour voter, but surely even they now see that everything Labour has done in the last 12 years has been a disaster, crime, immigration, education, the NHS, PFI, transport, the economy...

The rest of his party will humour him on this one, before in about 6 months time we'll hear a Labour minister insisting that "British Homes for British People" is in fact the remit of the extreme right wing racist facist nazi BNP, who will happily adopt the phrase and put it on the homepage of their website.

Meanwhile nothing will change...........

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Hold on a mo - for years people have been complaining that immigrants are getting priority over Britons for social housing and been labelled as racists and nazis...

Now labour is openly admitting that it's all been true...???

That housing built and paid for by a previous generation of Britons is not being used to help the children of those same Britons??

That it's being given to any Tomski, Dick m'gumbo and Mohammed that rocks up at a benefit centre..?

Well stone me...

You'd almost think Labour were actually TRYING to split the population in order to control them better...

Playing with fire though...

Could get burned... esp if you're a Woman or a Gay..

Blowback is nasty... Civitas report on extent of Sharia law in the UK

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How exactly is Brown supposed to ensure that these houses go to British people - even it that were preferably - surely they should go by need anyway irrespective which in many cases doesn`t mean Brits who have had plenty of opportunity to get on the housing ladder ?

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