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Using The Terror Tale Once More!


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Last week, what passes for our government proudly announced it was setting up a special ministry to combat Cyber-Crime.

Brave words.

Couple of issues..........

Thought they already covered this?


So, yet another loudly trumpeted NuLab "Strategy" has failed to work!

Here we go then with Strategy 2:


First, this government (and its predecessor to be fair) have an appalling track record on managing basic ICT programmes.

Additionally, the drawling idiot, Patricia Hewitt was early on Sec. of State for e Biz or some such meaningless sobriquet.

Having made an utter fist of anything connected with ICT, how do they now propose actually understanding actually what cyber crime is?

However a worse concern awaits.

Government have tasked GCHQ at Cheltenham with extra snooping powers.

The second body will be a new Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) based at GCHQ.


Anti-Cyber Crime my ****!

This is merely a covert methodology for eventual and tactical censorship of the Web, as recently demonstrated by Burma, China, Iran et al.

The beginning of all this was the powers contained in the RIP Act: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/itmanagement/0,100...39280970,00.htm

Government snooping is now at an all time high.

As leading analysts have already postulated, the best way to emasculate US and NATO coms, would be to use a Hunter-Killer satellite to take out US SatCom assets.

Most US and thus NATO early warning alerts and much secure encrypted comms is now carried via satcom.

And anyone really wanting to bring down the already tottering Western financial system only has to take out the SWIFT satcom system, which handles ALL international money transfers.

Either a sort of High Power Particle Beam Weapon to fry the computers and solar arrays or detonate a small tactical nuclear device of the correct sort nearby and the resultant massive induced magnetic fields would destroy all the onboard chips in a nano-second.

However and no doubt, the hoary old "Mass Terror" fear wave, sycophantically promulgated by an ever-compliant media, which never actually pauses to question the integrity or viability of government diktats, will work as always.

Sig Heil!

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