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Sex Feels The Credit Squeeze In Nevada

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Nobody in the business world has emerged unscathed from the financial carnage wreaked by the global recession. That includes those who ply their trade entirely legally - in the world's oldest profession.

Nevada is famous for its licensed brothels, which originally catered for miners and cowboys working in the sun-scorched desert. Now a lure for lascivious tourists, they have suffered a plunge in earnings as men become parsimonious about their spending on sex.

In good years, Nevada's 25 or so bordellos pulled in as much as $50m (£30m) in revenue. But George Flint, director of the Nevada Brothel Owners' Association, says takings at the state's worst-hit establishments have slumped by 60% to 70%, and even the most robust have suffered to the tune of at least 20%.

"It's been a negative effect," he says. "More so than anything that's had an impact on the industry in the half century that I've been around."

The downturn, says Flint, has drawn more women into both legal and illegal prostitution, but customers are scarce and prices, typically $75 to $250 for a quick "date", are under pressure: "More women are reaching out to work in the industry. The biggest visible effect is that a lot of women are working for about half what they were a few years ago."

Nevada has tolerated brothels since the 19th century and the Silver State is alone in the US in permitting the licensing and regulation of "ranches" where women offer sex for money. With names such as Chicken Ranch, Moonlight Bunny and Cherry Patch, the bordellos are a subject of bitter contention. Critics argue that they legitimise exploitation and abuse, providing dubious working conditions and spawning a vast knock-on industry of illegal street prostitution.

The recession has come at a tricky time. Bordellos were already facing competition from a whole new digital avenue as free listings websites such as Craigslist made sex available at the touch of a mouse.

Brothels are not permitted in the county around Las Vegas, which is by far Nevada's biggest city, but an hour's drive into the desert is sufficient to cross the county line. At establishments within 90 minutes' drive of so-called Sin City, as many as 70% of customers are tourists, of whom about a quarter tend to be foreign. But Vegas is suffering - visitor numbers have fallen as penny-pinching gamblers stay away.

Given the long drive involved in reaching brothels, high petrol prices have hardly helped. One establishment, the Shady Lady Ranch, has been offering $50 fuel vouchers to anybody spending more than $300.

Sheri's Ranch sits beneath a spectacular view of the snow-topped peak of Mount Charleston, in the cotton farming town of Pahrump, near the California border. On a 20-acre site, Sheri's boasts tennis courts, a hotel and spa, a sports bar and a rose garden. It is owned by Resort Entertainment, which also operates two lapdancing clubs in Las Vegas. Its chief operating officer, Jonathan Klempa, readily admits that the downturn is hurting.

He says men who arrive at Sheri's are still willing to pay the same, but footfall is slower: "Our customer quality is about the same, there are just fewer of them."

Staff at Sheri's repeatedly emphasise that the place is like any business. Gloria Mandarino, the ranch's back-of-house manager, used to work at the internet advertising firm Razorfish. She says: "You soon learn this is a company like any other. It's got accounts payable, receivables, the whole lot."

Along a corridor behind the dimly lit bar are rooms where women "entertain" clients. One is set out for a formal meal, with shrimp alfredo on the menu. Another contains a whirlpool bath and a large bin of beer cans, while a third contains sadomasochistic equipment, including chains on the wall and a cage. Big spenders can rent a cottage adorned in elaborate Arabian Nights-style décor for a full night's stay with a prostitute costing a minimum of $3,000.

It looks like even sex won't be a money maker.

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It looks like even sex won't be a money maker.

How to make money out of people who have no money... All people will spend on is essentials like food, go Tesco!!

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as men become parsimonious about their spending on sex

I am now convinced that we are in deep doo doo. :o

go Tesco!!

Do they have some nice checkout girls? I go for home delivery and all I ever get are big burly blokes.

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Saw a documentary about a Nevada brothel once - the "girls" were all 40-ish, fat and unattractive. Not worth $250 even in the good times.

I thought in some of the brothels had porn stars, although I think the fee was a lot higher than $250.

Before posting just did quick google search and found the following:


Photos: (Beware of the many web sites that DO NOT use photos of actual working women)

We've found many sites that use stock footage or photos that are anything but the real thing. This is also common practice among some prostitutes who claim to look just as good.

Price: It's still possible to party for $60 in Nevada with the average being $100. Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas Area ranches charge a premium so the $100 minimum applies. Remember its like buying a car, the dealer will basically lie to get you to shell out more cash. As of 2000 the $100 rule still applies. Don't expect more then 30 minutes and more then 1/2 and 1/2 or a few positions. Visiting during peak periods (Friday-Saturday evenings or during a convention) may result in higher prices. Plan your trip during off hours and don't be afraid to walk on a girl and obtain several prices. You'd be surprised how many women will accept lower rates when they know your willing to go elsewhere. Remember to be kind when you turn down a price, being nice may close the deal. Most guys that don't bargain manage to parties from 30-60 minutes for about $250.

When compared to the rest of the world Nevada legal sex is seriously lacking in value. Make a visit to the Cherry Patch or Madam Butterfly Brothels north of Vegas for a surprise. Probably some of the ugliest looking women in the business. You could compare this to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Mound House just outside of Carson City with probably the best looking Nevada women. This does come at a price as the house minimum is $150 with the better lookers asking $250 and up per hour. Service well YMMV as money really never guarantees good service. That's been a line that most Nevada brothels have used over the years "You get what you pay for". Trouble is human beings do vary and their skills really have nothing to do with what they charge there is no Harvard College of sex.

When you've visited places for sex world wide you realize that the US comes in last place when it comes to quality and value for paid sex. This may have something to do with the mental attitude of most American women and sex. While the rest of the world looks at sex as a natural function that is not dirty or shameful American men have been lead to believe that sex is something it's not. American men in simple terms have been held hostage by US women who use sex as power. Don't take our word for it go visit a Nevada Brothel yourself. The lineup photos below are from a Carson City Ranch. Don't expect much more then what you see in the photos. So you have to ask yourself do you spend $700 for a day or two in Nevada or buy airfare to Europe or Asia where that gets you weeks or months of quality sex? If you've always wanted to do your favorite porn star then Nevada might be a place for you if you have $400 for an hour. Many work at the Moon Light Bunny Ranch but you'll pay a premium as half goes to the ranch. You might try contacting your favorite star at her web site to cut the cost. Good Luck

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