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kara gee

Landlord Selling Up

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This outlines the current insecurity of renting.

My tennancy agreement has come to its 6 month end and my LL (lives abroad) has decided to sell. What annoys me is he probably had it planned all along, but told us he didn;t have any intertion of selling.

We only had the option on a 6 month initial agreement but were toly that after the 6 months we could sign a 12 month.

It's such bad timing though as I'm 38 weeks pregnant.

I suppose he has to sell the damn place first, but the prospect of having to move again with another baby fills me with dread.

The same thing happened in our last rented house too. We were only there for 8 months.

I have to be aimiable to potential viewers as I don't want to get booted out prematurely and I need to stay friends with the estate agent so I don;t have to register with other agents (and pay the rediculous admin fees for finding a new property if/when the time comes).

I just really hope he's going to hit the end of the 'spring bounce' and buyer inbterest drops off soon. There is quite a bit of sentiment around at the minute.

What's odd though (and will hopefully work to my advantage) is the asking price is £150k (3 bed end terrace in midlands). Looked at Zoopla and at peak houses in the same block reached a maximum of £138k.

I'm just really annoyed to be in this position again. I just hope the HPC picks up soon so I can buy again at a sensible price. In the meantime I'll just have to deal with the feelings of uncertainty and just grin and bare it when we get moved on again.

Have no fear though HPCers, I'm still not tempted to jump in yet. We've still got a fair way to go. I can cope with about another 2 years of limbo-land (that's how I feel about renting). Then I'll be seriously re-assessing our situation.

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Sorry to hear about your hassles. With hindsight, that reluctance to give you a 12 month agreement from the start should have made you suspicious.

Most genuine LLs are delighted when a tenant wants to sign up for 12 instead of 6. It is a nightmare for them to have voids every 6 months when a tenant moves on. It looks like you have learned this the hard way.

Best of luck with the new arrival and the move.

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