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Hi all :)

I'm new to the forum and looking for advice from anyone in the Haywards Heath or surrounding villages.

We will be completely new to Sussex when we move there later this year and I've been looking at properties in HH, Newick, Barcombe, Ditchling, Chailey etc etc.

Has anyone got any thoughts on whether house prices will drop in those areas or are they places where properties have kept their value?

Also any areas we should completely avoid?

We are currently living abroad and have been for a few years so are completely out of the loop so far as house prices go apart from what I read in the papers where opinions are very diverse.

Many thanks in advance.

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The papers have been disgracefully biassed in talking up the market. Forget these. Install Firefox on your computer and then install the Property Bee plugin. You can then see by postcode exactly for how long properties have been rotting slowly on the market, and how vendors' expectations are out of touch with the market.

I have lived around this area for many years. It's not a bad place to live, but it's definitely not 'villagey' in the sense of quiet rural idyl, to the point that Mrs Chute and I rent in Brighton now as it's about as busy but has the advantages of living in a city. Barcombe, for example, is a busy place with double yellow lines and traffic wardens - and one small shop.

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We were renting in HH until the end of last year as I was working in London. Prices in the area have dropped although at the time we were there most of the EAs were trying to deny it and saying HH was not affected. The mass redundancies from at least two major local employers soon set the record straight :)

The missus has a short contract starting in a few weeks and we are looking at renting there again. Rents are also down from before and there are noticeably better properties for rent than when we last looked.

The future is uncertain in the world and my own personal view is that UK house prices generally will drop a lot more yet and not recover for a a long time. However, I may be wrong - you never know...

What I would say is that HH and its surrounding areas will, as far as I can tell, will follow the trend - there is nothing "special" about it. The big posh houses in Lindfield will probably hold better value than stuff in the town. There are some clowns with crappy old places looking for silly money - they were for sale when we lived there and are still for sale. Most of the town's EAs (those that have not gone bust - many have) are idiot rampers. The guy at Mansell Mctaggart was the only one with any sense and accepted reality.

Its a pleasant enough place to live. Lots of crappy housing estates like everywhere else in Britain. Not to my taste at all. We lived by the station as I commuted every day, Harlands Road is okay if you need to be in that bit of town. We nearly bought there but our 30% below asking was not what the seller wanted to hear :D (They settled for 10 grand more in the end - the only other offer..) Things have deteriorated since then - I think we had a lucky escape.

All the letting agents are money grubbers - just like everywhere else. I cannot recommend any - our were rubbish but I'm sure no worse than the others.

Avoid Bolnore - it is the worse place in South East England and tomorrow's slum dwelling for the unemployed masses.

Hope that helps


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Thanks for the replies. Very helpful and informative. Need to know the positives as well as the negatives - no rose tints here. OMG Bolnore - hmm sounds lovely :lol:

The reason we were looking at those areas are because there are a few decent schools around there and a couple of them have places and I'll be starting a job based at Gatwick but am also required to go to Heathrow a few times a month.

Trouble is everywhere looks great on the internet with lovely pictures but of course I realise the various councils have a vested interest in promoting their areas.

We moved from a town in Bucks a few years ago so not really bothered about 'villagey' just want a reasonably safe place with half decent amenities ie. doctor, at least a few shops, maybe a few clubs.

Thanks for the heads up about "Property Bee". I'll look at that.

Cheers for the info so far. Much appreciated :)

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