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Would very much appreciate some advice from knowledgeable members. We are shortly to leave our rented house and move on as we need somewhere bigger.

The garage had ivy all over it when we moved in and although this gave it a lovely rustic look it actually meant that the building was unusable as being a corrugated prefab building the ivy was just creeping in and dropping debris everywhere, in addition some panels were in danger of fracture due to ivy weaving between them. I pruned the ivy significantly back so that it was no longer a nuisance, though didn't dig it up, it doesn't look nearly as rustic as previously. I've since noted that my tenancy agreement says I shouldn't prune without permission and the ivy is noted as covering the roof of the garage in the inventory. Can the landlord charge me any kind of compensation? I haven't done any damage, though technically may be in breach of AST but would plead that I was discharging my obligation to maintain the garden. Given time it would grow back as before anyway so I was wondering where I stand with them raising charges against me.

Secondly, the AST says I must produce receipts for cleaning the curtains, is this enforceable if the curtains aren't dirty? Only one room has proper curtains anyway the rest were only voile and would be fine going through the washing machine even though we stored them through out the tenancy.

Lastly, in the event that we need to go to ICE to resolve any dispute over the deposit are costs raised against either party?

As I said any advice would be much appreciated, have tried serching for similar situations in other threads but got no joy

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Thanks for the opinions guys. I'm starting to feel a ray of confidence for some fair play in this new scheme rather than just expecting to have my deposit stolen.

It definitely seems like it is a good thing for tenants. I'm about to move out of my first rental since TDS became a legal requirement, so i'll let the forum know how it goes for me, but overall it seems like I will be getting my full deposit back as the place has been kept in good condition by us.

I'm pretty encouraged that for my new place (which I signed up to rent this week) the LL is being particularly decent about it by paying for half the referencing costs and an independent inventory check-in himself. Spoke to him on the phone briefly today, sounds a nice enough bloke and is getting the whole place painted and new carpets before we move in too which will be good. Me and my fianceé hope to live there a couple of years so I hope things continue this way. It's always good to have a good relation with your landlord beforehand. My current LL is pretty good (though the neighbours are a pain hence our moving out), and I hope we get more of the same this time.

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