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26th June 1999 - A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Here are some of the things we had in 1999, which we dont have now.

1) Michael Jackson

2) Farrah Fossett

3) Smoking in public places

4) Drinking out of a glass in Preston. (You must observe the Alcohol Exclusion Zone)

5) A 2 bed terrace for £25,000

6) Tony Blair

7) World Trade Center

9) President Clinton

10) Equitable Life

Are things really all that bad. Add to the list if you can think of really life changing things.

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Like creosote.

In 1999 you could buy oxalic acid, [cleaning the yacht decking] boric acid [cleaning] quite easily and cheaply.

Now it is rarely available or you have to buy the expensive brands which only contain a fraction of those active ingredients.

Someones making a packet!

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Guest happy?
In 1996, Princess Di passed on. That moment will be forever etched in my mind.

Whacko though...well, I respected his talent until he went all pedo. Michael who?

Good career move though - you can't deny that, and Diana never made a number one selling album either.

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Detention without chrge - I seem to remember it was 48 (or was it 24) hours back then - now it's measured in days.

Anti-'terrorist' laws to erode our freedoms - in fact quite a few things have happened that would have put you in TFH territory back then for believing could happen.

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