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Goldman Sachs Is The Winner

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when are people going to wake up




The king to the banker did say

Tis I who ride you this day

This day it is true the banker did say

But tomorrow tis I who ride you

News of Goldman’s Sachs’ triumph arrived when Reuter’s newswire reported on June

22, 2009: “Goldman Sachs on pace for record bonusesâ€. At a time when the US is

struggling with the greatest financial crisis since the 1930s, Goldman Sachs has

triumphantly weathered the crisis. That should be no surprise for Goldman Sachs created

the crisis in the first place.

As capitalism collapses, its very foundation—the centuries old alliance between private

bankers and public government—is feeling the pressure; and without the direct and

indirect aid of billions of dollars in public dollars, the private bankers at Goldman Sachs

would now be facing record layoffs instead of a record year of profits and bonuses.


Under the two-party system that characterizes present-day democracies, the conservatives

represent private interests and the liberals the public interest. In truth, however, the public

interest is often served by private interests just as private interests are also often served

by the public interest.

Balance between the two polarities is necessary for a well-functioning society, a balance

that does not presently exist. Today, both political parties are so corrupted by money and

power that in most countries the “democratic process†is singularly ineffective in solving

problems that confront them.

Because of the vast amounts of money available, Washington DC is especially ineffective

and corrupt. In the US, the democratic process is but a smokescreen for powerful

governing elites to use the blood, sweat and taxes of Americans to further their own

selfish ends.

Americans no more own America than the chickens on the Kentucky Colonel’s farm own

the farm on which they are slaughtered.

Governing elites have controlled the Republican and Democratic parties for decades. No

matter what party is in power, the same power brokers operate behind the scene to pass

and deny legislation in accordance with their, not the nation’s, best interests.

This is not to suggest that the democratic process should be abandoned or that a return to

monarchy should be considered or that a more dictatorial form of democracy—which is

now evolving—is the answer.

The unfortunate inability of the many to defend themselves against the predacious

behavior of the few is a reoccurring theme throughout human history; and, the dangerous

ability of the few to mobilize the many on their behalf should also be recognized.

History is not an accident. It is a perfect reflection of humanity. Until humanity changes,

history will not.

Today, each political polarity has been manipulated by those in power to see the other as

the enemy while the enemy of both, the governing elites—escape detection. Divide and

conquer has been the tried and true measure of manipulating the democratic process into

a mutually self-destructive process controlled by the elites.

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Oh dear, how very unAmerican to suggest that these bonuses aren't acceptable.

In the land of the free, anything is possible.

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when are people going to wake up

Here's an alarm call . . .

(Rage Against the Bubbles Machine)

Edited by Dave Spart

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Channel 4 news were just reporting on the UK's new cyber security strategy. To illustrate the threats they showed some clips from the movie Die Hard 4.0 where "cyber terrorists" bring the US to a grinding halt. (BBC article)

We are meant to believe that the biggest threats to our way of life are external, perhaps from Islamic Fundamentalists, Russia or China. I don't dispute that these threats probably do exist but what an insult to the public's own intelligence! The media would have you beleive that the worst internal threats come home grown terrorists!

What the last decade has taught if anything is that the biggest threats are to be found under our very noses in the form of "financial terrorists" like Goldman Sachs.

Link to Amazon.com

Financial Terrorism : Hijacking America Under the Threat of Bankruptcy

by John F. McManus

Edited by Dave Spart

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It seems that no one can change the system. I really wanted Obama to win, hoping that he will bring a change to the bad years of Bush, but he seems to be the other face of the same coin. I do appreciate he did not cause the credit problems, unlike Mr Brown, but he should have taken bold steps to prevent these parasites sucking more and more blood out of the public.

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Last year GS speculated in PLN driving the curreny down 40-50%. When they made their billions they owned up and promissed not to speculate in PLN ever again. The Polish Goverment have long memories and Goldman Sachs are not welcme in Poland anymore.

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