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Hi all

Firstly, I apologise if this has already been covered, but when I used the search it was giving me errors.

We are looking to move into our first rental property and we have found a real nice property and location where rent has been dropped from 650 to 500.

We intend to live in rented accom for a few years while we save and to allow the economy to settle, for better or for worse.

The house we viewed has been sitting empty for past few months, so its a little dusty inside but nothing a quick clean wont fix. But my real point is, a few of the bedrooms have been used as kids rooms in past so they have kids stuff stenciled on walls with paint- again nothing that a coat of paint wont fix, but whose job is that? Do we take that hit? or should the landlord really neutralise the house before we move in?

I know a bit of paint wont cost the earth, just wondered? In any case, the agency told us we can paint walls if we wanted to put our own style- as long as not too dramatic.



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They're not required to update an modernise it, but generally this would be reflected in the price.

Really the LL should paint it, but he doesn't have to, and if the low rent is partly to do with the condition then he won't.

If you're going to paint it yourself, make sure you get it in writing from the LL that it's okay for you to paint.

As for dust, really it should be cleaned but often they don't bother. Just take pictures and remember it wasn't impeccable when you moved, and therefore you don't need to leave it spotless when you move out.

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Thanks for your reply.

Well my first thought about it being a bit dusty etc was the positive of not having to throughly clean house as thats not way we found it.

The rent is pretty cheap for the area, £700+ being the norm. But as its been empty for a while, LL decided to reduce price to get someone in. I guess the reduction for even one month will make up for paint cost.

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My house i've now been in a month was very old fashioned and we got the rent knocked down abit and permission to redecorate any rooms in neutral colours.

This was perfect for us as we got to make the house how we wanted.

I just bought the paint and took the hit myself but if you look around you can get good paint very cheap.

We went to QD and they had some Dulux hardwearing paint for £4 a can.

They also had coloured Dulux once gloss for £2 a can.

In B&Q we got a 10 litre tin of Crown Magnolia emulsion for £12

I got some Dulux White Gloss reduced in Homebase from £16 to £7 nd finally some Magnolia Satinwood reduced from £9 to £4.

I think in total i've spent less than £50 but had enough paint to do 3 bedrooms,a big lounge,a kitchen and a bathroom!

As others have said take lots of photos of any dirt and knocks and the general state of what each room looks like.

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