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Iran Admits 50 Cities Had More Votes Than Voters

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In 50 Iranian cities the number of votes cast in this month presidential election exceeded the number of eligible voters, the state's election watchdog admitted today.

The surprising admission by the Guardian Council was, however, designed to undermine the claims of the defeated candidates that the vote was rigged.

Mir Hossein Mousavi, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's main rival in the hotly-disputed election, and the other two losing candidates have claimed that the vote exceeded eligible voters in as many as 170 districts.

Abbasali Kadkhodai, a spokesman for the council of senior clerics, told the state television channel IRIB: "Our investigation shows that the number of districts they announced is not correct. Based on our preliminary report, 50 districts face this issue."

Mr Kadkhodaei also argued that voter turnouts of more than 100 per cent were not unusual because Iranians can cast their ballots where they want. Although it is summer in Iran and some of the cities in question are in desert areas, he suggested some voters might have gone to them on holiday.

He also made clear that Mr Ahmadinejad's victory would not be affected even if the results in the 50 disputed districts were reversed as they account for three million votes and the official results show Mr Ahmadinejad won by a margin of 11 million.

Mr Mousavi and the other two candidates, Mehdi Karoubi and Mohsen Rezai, have all complained to the Guardian Council of electoral fraud and have reported 646 alleged irregularities.

The council has agreed to investigate those complaints but it is chaired by a close ally of Mr Ahmadinejad's and dominated by conservatives. The defeated candidates do not consider it impartial - especially after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, made clear in a speech on Friday that Mr Ahmadienjad's victory would stand.

Mr Mousavi and Mr Karoubi are demanding a fresh election. They refused an invitation to appear before the council to present their complaints on Saturday and Mr Mousavi has rejected its offer to recount a random ten per cent of the votes.

The regime also announced today that 457 people were arrested during Saturday's running battles on the streets of Tehran. It said they had "caused insecurity, disrupted public order and clashed with police".

I'm convinced, nothing suspicious going on here at all...

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No more suspicious than the US 2000 election.

The CIA must have spent millions trying to destabilise Iran so it can install a pro-American puppet government just like it did in 1953 and whose direct consequence was the Iranian revolution in 1979. South America might be a pushover for the US but Persia is a different matter.

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Don't worry, they have everything under control :ph34r:

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Say They Will Crush Any Protests Over Election


Good can't have decent in a democracy.

Perhaps we could send some of our police experts? Kettling would be useful in assaulting large groups of protesters.

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I notice no-one is even CONSIDERING the possibility that president AMadDinnerJacket won fair and square?

Everyone, even the normally sane people on here, have fallen hook, line and sinker for the US instigated propoganda.

There is no-way anyone will believe that in a country full of people with strong islamic beliefs and president with strong islamic beliefs could get elected... he must have cheated!

The US has been trying to destabilise Iran for 2 decades... going by history there is a good chance this is nothing more than there latest attempt, and president AMadDinnerJacket simple won the election fairly. The US has dsiputed every election ON EARTH where the candidate they backed didn't win.

I'm not coming down on either side of the fence, but I'm not believnig ANYTHING the US says on the matter, and am assuming the truth is the opposite of whatever they say.

Anyway, if the iranians think moving their country towards a more western political and economic system life will improve their way of life they have one hell of a shock in store... just ask the georgians and ukrainians who have seen their countries asset stripped and left destitute by US corporations allowed to run riot by the western backed governments.

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Good lord, that was painful to watch, amateurish questioning followed by dire, 11-Plus level responses. Bad losers, those Democrats ...

I don't know who fairly won the Iranian election, but I bet neither side promised to print money as it's "the right thing to do".

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