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Blue Warwick

Mps Roll Out The Old Excuse Of "the System Made Me Do It!"

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The usual excuse for a children when caught red-handed doing something that they ought not to be doing is "He / She / They told me to do it!"

Our MPs have been caught and are still trotting out the excuse

"The system made me do it. If I had been required to give in receipts for sums less than £250 I would not have claimed dishonestly."

When I heard this one trotted out today on the car radio I nearly crashed as I could hardly see through the red mist that had descended on me. I could not believe that although this expenses scandle has now been going on for so long, they could still be trotting out this bu ll sh$t. They show utter contempt to the electorate.

I am glad the police have eventually got involved. They need to act against every one of those scumbags, not just a select few. I also believe that when they are under criminal investigation they should be barred from political activity and have salary and expenses stopped.

In terms of the civil side I maintain that anyone else would have been sacked for what they have done. I have seen people sacked for stealing goods worth pennies, so why not this bunch of corrupt theives.

Thoughts please and any ideas for suitable punishments.

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Thoughts please and any ideas for suitable punishments.

as they behave like schoolochildren,we need to devise some kind of chastisement suitably becoming of their demeanour.

I suggest that in future all MP's should be legally required to attend the houses of parliament in edwardian-style school dress!!!....and attendance should be required by public transportation so as to avoid undue congestion in the heart of the metropolis!

ie....males in shorts+caps

females in modestly below-the-knee skirts and bonnets.

all in a suitable colour......like fluorescent pink :lol:

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"As soon as I saw what I'd been up to, I knew the speaker had to go" MATT 20/5

Lynne Jones MP for Selly Oak bought '11 rolls of St Antoine wallpaper at £63.99/roll' talk about papering over the cracks.

These people are taking the pi$$ and obfuscate at ever opportunity backed by the civil servents around them, the whole establishment has to go - they've been caught. They cannot be 'un-caught' nor can they 'build trust'.


As for punishment let em meet their constituency public once in a while rather than hide behind TV/radio or ivory towers. Even better, introduce PR and watch the political landscape change overnight (Labour won last election with a massive majority with around 21% of the popular vote!!!). Labour and Tory hate PR so I say give it to em both barrels.

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