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Great chart Confounded. (It reminds me of those BoE fancharts. If you play an animation of them over time, the economy plunges and plunges, onwards and downwards, and - always in the elusive future - implausibly reverts to the same smooth recovery. It actually raises a laugh in most people when they see it.)

Do you have a link you could add? :)

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Just came across that graph as well, I will repost it so it is larger. The US unemployment rate.


does anyone believe this

if they create more jobs now by deficit spending - less jobs will happen in the future due to having to repay the debt plus interest

the powers that be and most people concentrate on the jobs that are seen and not the unseen jobs that are lost as a result

anyway we are already over 10%


edit to add

how come when i post graphs they are smaller than everyone elses - not getting a complex honest


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how come when i post graphs they are smaller than everyone elses - not getting a complex honest

the actual pixel size of your image is only 100 x 64 (although it should be 500 x 320) Ensure you actually click on your image in whatever internet browser (internet explorer or firefox etc) you are using & maximise before you copy the image location. :)

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Posted from another thread as requested by Doccyboy:

HMRC residential property transactions, updated for May 2009. This series is fairly noisy and I don't think we should read too much into the latest dip (although see the third chart below).


Second is the same series plotted with mortgage approvals for house purchase (BoE series, seasonally adjusted). We haven't got the May approvals figure yet from the BoE.


Finally here's a chart from the Essential Information Group who collate auction data (this is from their June newsletter). This is a rolling 3-month series, and it shows how repossessions being sent to auction have dropped dramatically.


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An sbsolute cornucopia of useful charts here. (The long wave Kondratieff chart near the bottom on the left was what convinced me to sell in the first place, before I'd even heard of HPC.)


yep we are in winter

but would kondratieff change anything if he knew about the worlds latest paper money

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for info:

on page one, confounded put a link to image shack

use this to upload your graphs/charts/pics etc, by either saving the image to your pc OR just paste the URL (web location http address) of your image into the link on the image shack page. You can also use the resize function on that link if you need to.

if you are linking an image, remember to click on 'see full size image' to make it as big as possible before you paste the internet link in.

hope this helps a few. :)

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This week the Bank Of England published their financial stability report, there are some excellent graphs here.

Have a look at "Asset Prices and credit..." on page 10, showing the timing of banking crises:


Also on Page 30 Chart 2.12 , goodbye UK sub-prime lending...


(If someone can post the graphs, I'd be much obliged)

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