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Banking Regulation 'not To Blame'

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Yeah, heard the badger on the radio this morning, he was eager to talk about the board-room and its need to regulate itself -

We've just had that Alistair and it doesn't work, remember?

Jeez might as well ask a cat to keep an eye on some nice fluffy baby bunnies.

Or the chancellor to make sure people don't swindle the public purse

edited for anger.

Edited by Sceptacled Bear

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Oh come on!

What#s he going to do?

1) Reform the institutions, taking the flak from the shadowy bankster puppetmasters snd assorted vested interests who run everything, possibly winding up dead, certainly ruined socially, politically, financially (and even if he tries his best he'll probably get nowhere)


2) Stfu about anything important and ride the tiger a bit longer while loading up on gold etc himself and hope he can pull plausible deniability once the real horror starts happening and the mob rocks up.

What would you do?

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Looks like it's game on for the next cycle.

In around 2026/7 then we should be looking at the reduction of the UK banking system to 2 or possibly even just 1 mega bank, if the UK even exists by then. Thankfully I'll be too senile to care.

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He's right, of course.

Regulation isn't really the issue, it was the flagrant ignoring of the debt bubble, and the targetting of artifical RPI, that was the cause of this problem.

Trouble for the government is, it was still their watch and they should have done something about it.

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Mr Darling has said that the current regulatory system is not to blame for the credit crunch, blaming instead the bosses of financial institutions.


He's spent 100's billions ensuring the same corrupt, inept, bankrupt companies and their personnel were kept in place and in business to carry on as before.

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