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Around the end of May, I saw two very-interesting-looking rental properties on Rightmove, through the same agent. So I phoned to enquire. One of them was gone (and indeed showed as let on rightmove a day or two later), but the more exciting was still available. They told me they were putting me on a "viewing list" for it, and I'd probably hear back in early June after the previous occupants were out.

Right, brownie points from the start for NOT abusing previous tenants' privacy.

Into June, I phone a second time. They tell me it's probably let, but try again after the 11th when the owners are back from [somewhere]. Hmmm.

June 15th (yesterday) I try a third time, and begin to wonder if I'm being fobbed off: do they think I was bullshitting when I told them I'm employed by a Silicon Valley company, for instance? But today they finally got back to me and arranged a viewing.

Now, they may have good reasons for acting that way: they don't want an unseemly hoard of prospects stumbling over each other (though it's a rather 'specialist' property: kind of thing that might easily be used as a holiday let in summer and stand empty in winter when the four big, single-glazed sash windows showing up in the Rightmove piccie of the sitting room make the roof garden and several acres of woodland less appealing). But what bothers me here is that they've forced my hand into showing enthusiasm. Having made quite so much of the running myself, how am I going to turn round and haggle on the rent, for instance?

Advice solicited, especially from folks in the lettings business. Assuming I still like the place after viewing it, should I mess about haggling, or just say soddit I'll pay what you're asking and sign? I'm currently thinking the latter, but with the possibility of a shopping list of things to ask for if appropriate.

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"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity"

Moved in to a new rented property a few months, and had a few experiences similar to yours - phone, ask to see a property, agent then phones back and says "we can't get in touch with the landlord right now", then they never call back, etc...

Remember that we're talking of estate agents here :lol: so chill out and drive the price down when (if) they eventually show you round... as compensation for wasting your time!

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