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three pint princess

An Idea For A Political Party

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I'm sure this has been thought of before but;

Have an online voting system, properly secured and each party member gets a vote.

Whenever people want, if enough agree then a wider vote will be called and the MP

would act according to that vote.

This is not electronic voting like with a general election, but internal to the party voting

and the MP being ordered in some cases, as now with the Whip, to vote in a certain way

or propose measures.

Each party member could contribute funding through increased membership and help secure

further victories while being part of the process. Unless issues got enough interest they wouldn't

go to an all party member vote to avoid constant polling.

Candidates could also emerge from the party base online, and by binding them to the rules

be kicked out.

One problem is could there be a contract where the MP had to leave the House of Commons

instead of just leaving the party and becoming an independent MP after being kicked out.

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I was thinking the best thing to do would be to have a fund. Everyone interested pays into it. Then there is a vote before a general election. The names on the ballot papers are cabinet MPs from the previous term of government excluding the PM. The money goes to the constituency of the one that "wins" and is used to run an otherwise independent "Don't vote for X" campaign focused purely on negative advertising.

It would be called "The Sh1tlist".

The concept would be not what actually happens during election time but to light a fire under the feet of safe constituency senior politician types, the Blears, Straws and Balls of this world who don't, necessarily, even need their party to win, they've got a safe job virtually whatever happens. Hopefully the threat of a 'wall of money' not limited by usual donation rules would give them pause for thought in their arrogance. And of course, none of them would know in advance if they were going to "win".

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