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A Visit To The Job Center - Dear God !

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Hmmm? Not what my experience has been. I reckon I'm regarded as unemployable by most,if not all recruitment consultants. Why? well I'm over 45, (59 in fact) I've worked in senior management positions, I've run my own business, I'm intelligent (well I think so anyway), articulate, literate, personable (if slightly arrogant), honest, diligent, conscientious, clean and tidy. Yet I've not been able to get a permanent job since I closed my business selling computer products in 2001.

The 56 year old described by the OP will be very lucky to get a permanent job again. If she does it's unlikely to be other than as a shop assistant at B&Q or a shelf filling job at a supermarket. The jobs may be out there but employers are very discriminating and don't look at a person's ability to do the job merely whether they tick whatever boxes their short sighted criteria demand.

And for the posters that denigrate the subject of this posting for having debts and savings, at this point her main priority has to be cash flow. She needs to conserve her savings to continue servicing her outgoings. There is a cost, the interest she is paying. If she doesn't she will accelerate the point where she is unable to meet her outgoings. There may be good reasons for doing so, but in her shoes I would hang on for as long as I could. Her situation could improve, if it doesn't then she will face the same consequences as she would if she used all her savings to pay off what debts she could now.

Things aren't looking so rosy for a lot of baby boomers. Their pension pots are wiped out, their house is falling in price, and there's the risk of redundancy, where many will lose their job, and may never find another one. They will have to live on these savings, if they dont get another job. If they've MEWed themselves up to the hilt, then theyre looking at bankruptcy.

I believe that in twenty years time, ageism in the workplace will more-or-less be phased out, especially if you are moderately skilled in something. Older people will be more tech-savvy than the older people of today, as they've grown up with technology. I've often heard people in their fifties & sixties say "I'm too old to learn new things".. I don't think that this attitude will wash in the future. You'll most like have to diversify & have many strings to your bow, as sectors will come in & out of fashion. You'll probably also have to retrain (probably more than once) because of this.

As the population ages, companies wont have a choice but to take on older staff, as the pool of younger staff will get smaller.

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